March 25, 2010

Yard update

After several days of almost back breaking work... or maybe more like back throwing out work, we are finished with the big projects in the yard. The work never ends but atleast the biggies are checked off. Once I have a chance and its nice outside Ill take pics with my phone and post them.
Richard started a walkway but ran out of rock, and one of our awesome neighbors said we could look in her creek bed .. which means more free rock. Love it! Hopefully its decent weather this weekend and we can head over there this weekend.
We have come up with an inexpensive way to make some chic style lattice work. Richard can get hundreds of wire hangers from work. So we are going to cut those and use them to criss cross a frame he is going to make from scratch. A couple weeks ago I came home from showing houses and he had a truck filled with wooden crates and the garage was filled as well. So we have all this wood to do fun projects with. Maybe some planters, and a picnic table. :) My husband is so crafty, ecspecially with free wire hangers and wood! It doesnt take much to make my day.

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