January 28, 2009

For New Years, Richard and I stopped by a get together that my grandparents, mom and steven were at. Had some awesome food, a couple of drinks and then headed home. We set up camp in the backyard, with a roaring fire and watched the neighborhood fireworks. It was very nice, but COLD! Great way to start off a New Year though.

Julian turned 1!

Sarah's son turned one last week. He is such a sweetheart and adorable!

Lights etc

I loved our decorations! They turned out great, I think Richard re-spaced the lights atleast twice on the front of the house. But it was well worth it.


For the holidays we were fortunate enough to have several Christmas gatherings. For Christmas Eve we went to Robbi's house, Richards sister lives in Round Rock. We had a great time with Paul, the kiddos, and their friends.

Christmas morning Richard and I cooked breakfast for my family, stuffed french toast! YUMMY! Very easy to make. And my way isnt that bad for you!

Two slices of double fiber bread
on one slice spread fat-free cream cheese, the other slice jelly/jam of your choice and press together like a sandwich.
Coat in egg mixture then cook in pan, servce with sugar free syrup and fresh fruit.

After we cleaned up from gifts Richard and I headed to my moms for a late Christmas lunch with friends and family. That afternoon we all went to the movies to see Marley and Me. Great movie.. I shed a few tears. (ok I cried like a little girl)

Friday morning we headed to Clyde to visit Richards family.. I guess my future in-laws :).
We spent the day with his grandmother, aunt, sister, many cousins.. couldnt keep count.
Saturday we spent the day at his moms house. We had a great time visiting with his family and so awesome food!
Sunday we headed to his sister Tabitha's house for Christmas with his Dad. It was so cute watching Tyrell and Ashton open their gifts, and then watching their uncles play with them. Including the tea set (Jimmy) and the nerf rifle (Randy and Richard).

We had a great time, and got to visit with a ton of people in a short amount of time.

Sophia turned 1

Sophia (Mandy's little girl) turned 1 in Nov. She is just too precious for words!

Oh my...

I cant believe its been so long since I have posted. We have been very busy with the holidays, and wedding plans etc. I am getting so excited, its getting close! And Im expecting a call any day that my dress is finally in. I told Richard that he wasnt allowed home the night it comes in becuase I will be wearing it around the house :). He just laughed at me.

This past weekend, Richard helped mom and Steven with a project. So my grandmother, mom and I played wedding :). We made the flower girl pomanders, and about 100 cards. Other then a couple of hot glue burns everything turned out great!

I am a self proclaimed DIY-bride.( Do It Yourself) For as much as possible, so far that includes the invites, pomanders, logo designs and cards. It has saved a lot of money, but also lets me do exactly what I want, not having to settle for whats available. My 'to-do' list seems to grow everytime I mark something else off. Planning this wedding is kind of like selling the best biggest house.. but way better :) . LOL