December 9, 2009

Richard and Mrs. Brown's Honeymoon

We are so blessed.. Richard and I spent 7 whole days aboard the Carnival Conquest ship. It started in Galveston and stopped in Montego Bay Jamaica, Georgetown Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico, then dropped us back in Galveston. It was an amazing week, full of sun, gorgeous beaches, colorful fish and exquisite exotic food. The most amazing part of our trip was being with my husband, no interruptions, no work, no school. I love that he makes me laugh, and that he can find so much in me to laugh at, in a good way of course.
In Jamaica, we boarded a bus that took us to Doctors Cave Beach where we snorkeled all afternoon. We had great entertainment from the local lifeguard, who was hilarious, and even saw a knock em out wrestling match. Ask us sometime if you want the story. In the water we saw amazing coral and rocks that were huge, lots of colorful fish and a stingray. I think Richard followed it around for half an hour. For lunch that day we ate at the Groovy Grouper.. they had the best pineapple daiquiri’s and best bbq jerk sauce ever! Seriously.. wanted to bottle it and bring it home.
There is no actual port in Cayman so we had to be taken by boat from the ship to the island. Once on the island we asked some of the locals for the best snorkeling and they said Cemetery Beach. After a short taxi ride we were dropped off at a cemetery that was 15 yards from the beach. The tide was pretty rough but we suited up and swam out. Unfortunately we didnt find much, some really large gray fish but no coral or colorful fish. After trying for almost 2 hours to find something we decided to walk to a more populated beach area we could see down the way. About 2 miles later we ended up at Jack's on the beach where we had a drink, swam and talked with an Italian that was there with another cruise line. Downtown Georgetown had tons of shopping and restaurants. We ate at a place above the pirate shop (cant’ remember the name..sorry) that had amazing Caribbean jerk ribs.
On the last stop we were in Cozumel which has a fancy new port with a shopping center. We had been told by several other cruises that Chankanaab State Park had amazing snorkeling so we went straight there, and we were in awe of the beautiful park. Richard and I saw the most amazing fish, and schools of them. On our second outing in the water Richard said I see a stingray and we looked down to see a spotted eagle stingray that had at least a five foot span on it. We tried with our whole heart to keep up with it but he was fast, but while we were able to see it he just glided across the sand below us. AMAZING! It was the best spot for snorkeling the entire trip. Before it got dark we went back to the port mall and hit up the local vendors. At the port you could see the other cruise ships that were docked; very cool to see them all lined up and then watch them go off into the sea of darkness.
While on the ship we enjoyed the Vegas style shows, live music, games on the deck and so much more. One night they had a deck party that was tons of funs. The ship’s crew was so nice and they went above and beyond on taking care of us. Our honeymoon was more then I could have ever asked for, we had the best time and made memories we can tell our grandkids about in the future.

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August 9, 2009

UPDATE: House Decor

We have finally gotten a few rooms 'done'.

May 31, 2009

Ride and Birthday

My mom, Steven and my Papa rode in the Diabetes ride from San Antonio to Austin this weekend. So proud of them! For their overnight accommodation's they stayed in the dorms at Texas State. Today the finished the race at Akins H.S.. then it was off to celebrate Moms 51st Birthday.

House Update

We have been trying to do a couple projects each week. This weekend I painted doors (from last July) while Richard worked on rocking the border of the front flowerbed. Yesterday I added a little decor' in the living room. The corner was just unused space and now it makes the room more comfortable feeling. I love it.. Richard isn't yet convinced. What do you think?

May 15, 2009

Quick Update

We had a few errands to run this evening... Home Depot, Kay's, and a Friday night treat...Marble Slab. :) They have very yummy fat free frozen yogurt. We both have to work tomorrow, but Sunday we plan on going to church then we are having Robbi, Paul and Jasmine over. They are moving soon, so we are trying to get in some extra time before hand.
Over the last couple weeks we have been crossing things off of the house to-do list. So things are getting done and the house is looking put together .. better late then never :). We are headed to Hamlin and Abilene for Memorial weekend, so excited! Get to play with all the little ones.

On Thursday May 14, I participated in Keller Williams RED day. My office spent the day helping out at the Austin Sunshine camp. We worked so hard.. Im still sore and have the blisters to prove it. Its an amazing camp for underprivileged kids right in the middle of Zilker park. It was a great day, and what a transformation.

Have a great weekend!

May 10, 2009

Date night

We went out on our first official date as a married couple. First we headed to Round Rock for an Express baseball game. It was my first time, Richards 3rd, and I loved it. The evening was wonderful, and they won! After the game ended we went to Hula Hut for dinner.. it was so yummy! I get to pick for June's date, so if you have any ideas let me know! TIA :)

April 28, 2009

March 26, 2009

16 days

So we have been working hard on getting the last minute details taken care of. Only 16 days til our big day! Every day the excitement builds more, and things keep being added to my list :).
This past weekend we worked on the yard, re-doing gardens etc and putting our horse manure (3 truck loads full..... I didn't help with that-yuck!). It looks so much better even though we are growing dirt for now in the gardens. But the reason for the gardens etc is Richard built an arbor that is going to be the centerpiece for the ceremony and we wanted a place to put it in our yard after the wedding. It turned out really nice, and if it will stop raining we can stain it. So everything is coming together and we are getting some great rain to make everything green and the flowers bloom for the celebration!

January 28, 2009

For New Years, Richard and I stopped by a get together that my grandparents, mom and steven were at. Had some awesome food, a couple of drinks and then headed home. We set up camp in the backyard, with a roaring fire and watched the neighborhood fireworks. It was very nice, but COLD! Great way to start off a New Year though.

Julian turned 1!

Sarah's son turned one last week. He is such a sweetheart and adorable!

Lights etc

I loved our decorations! They turned out great, I think Richard re-spaced the lights atleast twice on the front of the house. But it was well worth it.


For the holidays we were fortunate enough to have several Christmas gatherings. For Christmas Eve we went to Robbi's house, Richards sister lives in Round Rock. We had a great time with Paul, the kiddos, and their friends.

Christmas morning Richard and I cooked breakfast for my family, stuffed french toast! YUMMY! Very easy to make. And my way isnt that bad for you!

Two slices of double fiber bread
on one slice spread fat-free cream cheese, the other slice jelly/jam of your choice and press together like a sandwich.
Coat in egg mixture then cook in pan, servce with sugar free syrup and fresh fruit.

After we cleaned up from gifts Richard and I headed to my moms for a late Christmas lunch with friends and family. That afternoon we all went to the movies to see Marley and Me. Great movie.. I shed a few tears. (ok I cried like a little girl)

Friday morning we headed to Clyde to visit Richards family.. I guess my future in-laws :).
We spent the day with his grandmother, aunt, sister, many cousins.. couldnt keep count.
Saturday we spent the day at his moms house. We had a great time visiting with his family and so awesome food!
Sunday we headed to his sister Tabitha's house for Christmas with his Dad. It was so cute watching Tyrell and Ashton open their gifts, and then watching their uncles play with them. Including the tea set (Jimmy) and the nerf rifle (Randy and Richard).

We had a great time, and got to visit with a ton of people in a short amount of time.