June 23, 2008

10yr High School Reunion

Richard and I both graduated in 1998 from High School. His a small town 1a school outside of Abilene and mine a 5a school in South Austin. My reunion was this past weekend, and his will be this fall during their schools homecoming. For my reunion we had a happy hour at a very trendy bar on 6th street-- Molotov Lounge, then a big dinner at Serranos downtown. I asked Richards if his would be at the DQ, since there isnt much else around his town. We had a good time this past weekend, and I got to see some old friends from Colorguard and people that I have known since elementary. The pics are from the dinner at Serranos, we sat with Sarah and her husband Zach.

June 2, 2008


So we are "unpacked"... well enough to somewhat live a normal daily life. But I think that our to do list grows daily, and its not even the normal stuff. But we have a deadline in mind to finish everything on our list. (Fingers crossed!?!)

  • Touch up paint in house and finish master
  • Install lights (kitchen, hall and bathrooms) (x8)
  • Install mirrors in bathrooms (x2)
  • Paint and hang wainscotting in baths
  • Install all fixtures in baths
  • Paint baseboards, cut to fit and install ..entire house
  • Install blinds (x9)
  • Install ceiling fans (x4)
  • Install fire alarms (x4)
  • Install switches, outlets and coverplates
  • Clean windows
  • Powerwash siding
  • Clean out flowerbeds
  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Replace broken fence slats
  • Empty out storage
  • Unpack everything
  • Hang wall decor in all rooms

And I know Im missing something. Wish there was a way to actually check off on here. :)