June 2, 2008


So we are "unpacked"... well enough to somewhat live a normal daily life. But I think that our to do list grows daily, and its not even the normal stuff. But we have a deadline in mind to finish everything on our list. (Fingers crossed!?!)

  • Touch up paint in house and finish master
  • Install lights (kitchen, hall and bathrooms) (x8)
  • Install mirrors in bathrooms (x2)
  • Paint and hang wainscotting in baths
  • Install all fixtures in baths
  • Paint baseboards, cut to fit and install ..entire house
  • Install blinds (x9)
  • Install ceiling fans (x4)
  • Install fire alarms (x4)
  • Install switches, outlets and coverplates
  • Clean windows
  • Powerwash siding
  • Clean out flowerbeds
  • Trim trees and bushes
  • Replace broken fence slats
  • Empty out storage
  • Unpack everything
  • Hang wall decor in all rooms

And I know Im missing something. Wish there was a way to actually check off on here. :)

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