April 27, 2010


The morning glories we planted are starting to get big! In a couple weeks they will be all the way to the top. Richard made the arbor for our wedding, and last year we had the vines completely covering it. It was beautiful!


Richard made us a table for the backyard on Sunday. He found some great lumber that someone was throwing out a couple weeks ago and it turned out GREAT! For Stevens bday we had them over for dinner and got to 'break' it in. Richard is eventually going to make benches to go along the sides and we will probably stain them to help sustain them.

Flower bed update

So here is how everything is looking. We have spent several hours, weeding etc, but things are really starting to fill in well.

Homemade Wood Planter Box

We have a palm that is planted in a plastic pot and every time we have any wind it blows over. So Richard made a new planter for it, and hopefully it will withstand the weather a little better. I will be staining it tomorrow and then replanting the palm. All of the wood Richard used for the box was reclaimed wood he has been collecting. He is so awesome... its great having your own furniture and accessory maker available at a moments notice.