February 15, 2011

Charlie Brown's Christmas Tree Farm

aka.. The Browns Christmas Decorations.

Richard made these adorable cut outs, and we painted them. We loved being able to brighten up the Christmas spirit in our neighborhood. Someone mentioned them this past weekend .. its Feb 15th ;)

Papa's 80th

My sweet Papa turned 80 this past Nov. He is such an amazing man and would bleed Red White and Blue if possible. So the only appropriate decor for a party was to go USO style. Stars, Red White and Blue etc. My mom and I made a cupcake replica of the American Flag. I also scanned hundreds of pictures of him from over the years, and he decided that he needed to be the commentator on it... hence the microphone. :)

Merry Little Memories

Im always trying to come up with new ways to get more involved with my clients outside of them buying, selling or renting. A friend of mine from church is kicking off her photography co and we came up with the idea for Merry Little Memories. This was an effort to raise money for Family Link, a foster to adopt agency.. and if we raised over $300. These are the pictures that Jenni took of our little family. Lola was less being less than photogenic that day. She kind of looks like a statue.

Photos by Jenni Robert with http://www.jennirobertsphotography.com/

Kitchen Remodel Update

This past fall Richard and I started the remodel. It turned out to be a long bigger project then I think I had in mind (about a month), but it was well worth it. We built out some needed cabinets, restained them, new countertops, paint and appliances. We love how it turned out, and if you look back to the very begining it looks like a totally different house.

And if I havent mentioned it before, I super puffy heart love our stove.  :)