December 9, 2009

Richard and Mrs. Brown's Honeymoon

We are so blessed.. Richard and I spent 7 whole days aboard the Carnival Conquest ship. It started in Galveston and stopped in Montego Bay Jamaica, Georgetown Cayman Islands and Cozumel Mexico, then dropped us back in Galveston. It was an amazing week, full of sun, gorgeous beaches, colorful fish and exquisite exotic food. The most amazing part of our trip was being with my husband, no interruptions, no work, no school. I love that he makes me laugh, and that he can find so much in me to laugh at, in a good way of course.
In Jamaica, we boarded a bus that took us to Doctors Cave Beach where we snorkeled all afternoon. We had great entertainment from the local lifeguard, who was hilarious, and even saw a knock em out wrestling match. Ask us sometime if you want the story. In the water we saw amazing coral and rocks that were huge, lots of colorful fish and a stingray. I think Richard followed it around for half an hour. For lunch that day we ate at the Groovy Grouper.. they had the best pineapple daiquiri’s and best bbq jerk sauce ever! Seriously.. wanted to bottle it and bring it home.
There is no actual port in Cayman so we had to be taken by boat from the ship to the island. Once on the island we asked some of the locals for the best snorkeling and they said Cemetery Beach. After a short taxi ride we were dropped off at a cemetery that was 15 yards from the beach. The tide was pretty rough but we suited up and swam out. Unfortunately we didnt find much, some really large gray fish but no coral or colorful fish. After trying for almost 2 hours to find something we decided to walk to a more populated beach area we could see down the way. About 2 miles later we ended up at Jack's on the beach where we had a drink, swam and talked with an Italian that was there with another cruise line. Downtown Georgetown had tons of shopping and restaurants. We ate at a place above the pirate shop (cant’ remember the name..sorry) that had amazing Caribbean jerk ribs.
On the last stop we were in Cozumel which has a fancy new port with a shopping center. We had been told by several other cruises that Chankanaab State Park had amazing snorkeling so we went straight there, and we were in awe of the beautiful park. Richard and I saw the most amazing fish, and schools of them. On our second outing in the water Richard said I see a stingray and we looked down to see a spotted eagle stingray that had at least a five foot span on it. We tried with our whole heart to keep up with it but he was fast, but while we were able to see it he just glided across the sand below us. AMAZING! It was the best spot for snorkeling the entire trip. Before it got dark we went back to the port mall and hit up the local vendors. At the port you could see the other cruise ships that were docked; very cool to see them all lined up and then watch them go off into the sea of darkness.
While on the ship we enjoyed the Vegas style shows, live music, games on the deck and so much more. One night they had a deck party that was tons of funs. The ship’s crew was so nice and they went above and beyond on taking care of us. Our honeymoon was more then I could have ever asked for, we had the best time and made memories we can tell our grandkids about in the future.

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