October 29, 2008

Richard's Sisters

Richard's sister Silver who lives in South Carolina came to visit last weekend and we got to visit with his sister Robbi who lives in Round Rock. There was a lil get together for a birthday Friday night, saturday we walked town lake and watched football. Saturday night we took Silver to Hula Hut and to the Warehouse district. Did a lil bootie shaking and had a couple of cocktails. Can you tell they are related.. Im not really so sure :)

October 20, 2008

Random pics

A few random pictures from the past couple weeks. Dinner at the Saltlick with my mom, Steven and Martha. And after a night out.. good times:)

Laura's wedding

A friend of mine from high school was married last week. Laura made a beautiful bride and it was an amazing venue on Lake Travis. The bridal party did the "Hustle" was very cute.

Dinner with the Ferrier's

We had the opportunity to have dinner with some of my family a couple weeks ago. We were celebrating my great uncle Doug's 65th birthday. It was great seeing them, and catching up. Pictured: Uncle Doug and Aunt Marie, Cousin Katie, and Cousin Tom.

October 7, 2008

On the road again...

So we had a long weekend, full of friends, family and many many good times.

Over 15.5 driving hours, 900 plus miles.. austin to abilene to lubbock to plainview to hamlin to abiline to austin. A few other stops in between.

On the way home we made a pit stop at the Colorado River. And yes those are cows in the river. They were trying to get across the river and back up the other bank, but were having issues. Silly cows. BTW-Richards shirt says, 'you're ugly and your momma dresses you in burnt orange' he got it when we stopped in Lubbock.

Tyrell's Bday Party!

Tyrell turned 5! Such a sweet boy, and adorable! We stopped at Tractor Supply store and bought him a John Deere book of tractors and a gift card so he could go shopping. He loves Tractor Supply, and it was my first time..very cool place, some really cute stuff--FYI. The party was at Gatti's in Abilene and we got to hang out with Richards family which was great since we dont get to see them too often.
The bottom pic from left to right: Travis, Tabitha (sis), Aimee' (sis), Tyrell (nephew), Jimmy, me, Richard, Lanona, Randy (bro) and Ashton (neice).


After the wedding, we stayed at Richards sister's house in Hamlin. And they have 2 four wheelers, and since I had never been on one. So I hopped on with Richard, and hung on for dear life. He was very careful with me, I was just a big scardy-cat. But when he was riding around by himself, I just didnt watch. A couple times I think he went on two wheels. Men--crazy! :)
I also posted a pic of Richard and his nephew Tyrell. Such a cutie-pie!

What you talking about Willis?

Chris and Charla got married this past weekend. Richard was Chris' best man, and I was in charge of cutting the cake! Both very important jobs. Their families were so sweet and kind, it was great meeting so many wonderful people. They had a beautiful wedding! Wishing them the very best in their future. (btw...their last name is willis)