June 23, 2008

10yr High School Reunion

Richard and I both graduated in 1998 from High School. His a small town 1a school outside of Abilene and mine a 5a school in South Austin. My reunion was this past weekend, and his will be this fall during their schools homecoming. For my reunion we had a happy hour at a very trendy bar on 6th street-- Molotov Lounge, then a big dinner at Serranos downtown. I asked Richards if his would be at the DQ, since there isnt much else around his town. We had a good time this past weekend, and I got to see some old friends from Colorguard and people that I have known since elementary. The pics are from the dinner at Serranos, we sat with Sarah and her husband Zach.

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  1. Yea! You updated!!! That sucks about Paper Bear. I was just going to go for fun.