July 17, 2008

4th of July Weekend

Some of Richards family came down for the 4th and we had a blast. Or atleast I did! Randy (brother), Lanona (sis-in law), Ashton (niece),Aimee' (sister), Jimmy (bro-in law) and his dad Randy Sr.
Thursday night we cooked out, made ritas, talked and hung out at the house. Friday the 4th we went to my moms for swimming and burgers. Richard and I had planned on taking the shuttle to watch the fireworks but the powers that be in Austin decided not to have a shuttle this year. So we ordered pizza and lounged around for the evening. The rest of the weekend we hung out at the house, untill everyone had to leave. Ashton had fun running around the house yelling, I think she liked the echo! :)

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