January 28, 2009

Oh my...

I cant believe its been so long since I have posted. We have been very busy with the holidays, and wedding plans etc. I am getting so excited, its getting close! And Im expecting a call any day that my dress is finally in. I told Richard that he wasnt allowed home the night it comes in becuase I will be wearing it around the house :). He just laughed at me.

This past weekend, Richard helped mom and Steven with a project. So my grandmother, mom and I played wedding :). We made the flower girl pomanders, and about 100 cards. Other then a couple of hot glue burns everything turned out great!

I am a self proclaimed DIY-bride.( Do It Yourself) For as much as possible, so far that includes the invites, pomanders, logo designs and cards. It has saved a lot of money, but also lets me do exactly what I want, not having to settle for whats available. My 'to-do' list seems to grow everytime I mark something else off. Planning this wedding is kind of like selling the best biggest house.. but way better :) . LOL

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