December 2, 2008

To-Do list

What a whirl wind Ive been in. We have a date set, April 11th, 2009 and so far we have the location, the dress, cake, and colors taken care of. My next task is photographer and possible dj. So if you know of any please email me! And we are knocking out the caterer on Sunday.
Richard and I are going to San Antonio for the day on Saturday. He is riding in a mission bike tour, my grandmother and I are going shopping for material..she is making my veil for me. Im so excited. So much to do... so little time!
This past weekend Richard and I planted two new trees in our front yard. We also cleaned up some of the over-growth (is that a correct term?) from the flower beds. It looks so much better! While Richard was busy using his toys aka power tools I pulled out all of the Christmas decorations. We put our tree up on Sunday, and we are slowly getting it decorated. But our lights are a little retarded. Last night they were all blinking, and tonight there is one section of a strand thats not blinking. Atleast they are on I guess. O-well I guess Santa probably wont care, right? I cant believe that Christmas is 24 days away... time goes by fast when your having fun!

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