March 19, 2010

Oh how I love spring...

The flowers are starting to bloom. This is one of the only plants from last year that braved all the freezes we had here in Austin. Still hopeful a few more will come back. We have been very busy trying to make sense of our yard. It had not been maintained for many many years, and over the past two years we have been here we have moved very...very small mountains. :) You know in the grand scheme of things.
Richard re-did this border while I was in California a couple weeks ago and enlarged it. Last week, I went through and tried to weed it. I pulled roots for the purple stuff (aka wandering jew) that were the size of basketballs. That stuff will take over, its time for it to go.
This morning I unearthed this beauty. We knew there were bricks by the patio...but at points there was up to 6 inches of dirt ontop of parts. Do you see the pile of dirt next to the house? Its a very cool path.. kind of cobble-stone-esk. If thats a proper description.
Our current vision for this area is to terrace this area. Otherwise we will have the same issue as before. Just a mud path. We also need to put a couple more bricks back in that came out over the years.

After church on Sunday this is our project. We have big bulk pickup coming next week so we can get rid of all this junk. Rotted timbers, barbed wire Richard 'found' awhile back. There is so much dead overgrowth in here.. we will probably have to dig up most of the dirt. After its cleaned out we are going to redo the border with more of the free rock we got last year from Craigslist. (see border from first pic).

Hopefully we will have completed pics of how everything looks once its all done. Richard is on craigslist duty to find more free rock so we can finish our wish list of projects. :) He is the best!

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