September 28, 2008

Richard and Carisa's Gas Party!

OK, not at all what it seems. Friday night Richard and I were in the backyard playing with Lola and hanging out. After a while we started getting huge whiffs of gas. We went inside and no smell, then went out front and near the gas meter it was so strong you could hardly breath. So I called Tx Gas Co and they finally showed up about 12:40 AM. The guy said that it was a good thing we called because it was not a good situation. He had to call his manager and two others to help dig up almost 6 feet of pipe they had to replace. Richard got really excited when they pulled up with a huge tractor/backhoe. They ended up not using it, but had it for a just in case scenario. Surprisingly no neighbors came out, with the spot lights, running generator, and the horrible sound it made when they cut the pipes and the gas came out sounding like a geyser. They said that the pipes had just deteriorated over time. But Richard and I had the grand idea to sit outside, enjoy the nice evening, and drink a rita well, untill it started to get cold. Then things got so interesting we just sat out and watched them work. The last guy finally left at 3:30, and we were in bed by 3:45. And yes, Im the dork that took pics.They didnt come out very well but it was dark, you can atleast get the picture.And it makes the story much funnier! :)

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